Plain and simple, you want your case to be handled by a skilled and experienced litigator in whom you can place your trust. You can rest assured, every client is extremely important to us and you will know that from the beginning of your case until it is concluded. Because of the close personal attention that you will receive, our relationship with clients often continues on long after their case is concluded.


We have helped hundreds of people who were injured in motor vehicle accidents. Whether the accident involves cars, trucks, a bicycle, pedestrian, drunk driver, uninsured vehicle or hit and run, motorcycle, scooter, we will be able to assist you.


We all know that accidents occur routinely at work, and in many cases they result in Workers’ Compensation claims which often require legal counsel to make sure your rights are protected and that you receive appropriate benefits for medical care and lost income. We may be able to assist you if there is a claim against a third-party, if for example your accident was caused by the negligence of a company or person other than your employer.


Liability for dangerous premises is another area of our practice. Whether at a residential or commercial premises, we may be able to assist you. Slips/trips can occur due to improper maintenance, spills, debris, over-waxing, failing to warn of ongoing cleaning, lack of adequate staffing, supervision and training, lack of adequate lighting, code violations, improper construction, etc.


If a death was caused as a result of negligence or carelessness, the surviving family members may be awarded damages for their personal loss as well as economic damages, for example in the case of a parent who leaves behind minor children. We will evaluate the facts of the case and seek justice for your family.


Unfortunately, due to the frailty of our lives, catastrophic injuries can occur in any of the manners mentioned above, and even in some unimaginable ways. To ensure the best possible result in the most catastrophic case, we will work with co-counsel and assemble a legal team to work together for you in the following types of cases: DANGEROUS AND DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS, MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, MARINE ACCIDENTS, TOXIC TORTS, DEFECTIVE/TIRE BLOWOUTS, AND VEHICLE ROLLOVER ACCIDENTS.

If you have been injured in any manner, call the law offices of RHONDA HARTMANN, P.A. at (954) 640-7800 for a free consultation.