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Plain and simple, you want your case to be handled by a skilled and experienced litigator in whom you can place your trust. You can rest assured, every client is extremely important to us and you will know that from the beginning of your case until it is concluded. Because of the close personal attention that you will receive, our relationship with clients often continues on long after their case is resolved.

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Millions of people are injured in car accidents every year, so it is no surprise that we have more car accident cases than any other type. Reckless drivers, speeding, alcohol, running red lights or stop signs, and texting while driving are some of leading causes of car accidents resulting in injuries or death.

Premises Liability because of uneven pavers

Serious injuries or even death can result from negligence or carelessness in a home, apartment building, retail business, shopping center, gas station, restaurant, parking lot, swimming pool, amusement park, playground, or in many other scenarios. In most cases, a major issue is whether a property owner knew or should have known of the existence of a dangerous condition.

Workplace accident in a warehouse

No matter where you work and what your occupation is, injuries happen. On the job injuries can happen in any manner for any reason and can cause sudden temporary or permanent disability, financial loss, catastrophic injury or death. You may be entitled to certain benefits through your employer, and/or have an additional claim for damages against another person or company.

products liability because burned-down power supply

Holding companies responsible for harms caused by dangerous products should be incentive enough to put out a safe product. However, profits over people is a common theme. There have been many instances when a life could have been saved or catastrophic injury avoided had a company not cut corners and compromised safety.

Medical Malpractice may happen in a surgery room

Preventable medical errors are unfortunately commonplace and result in thousands of deaths and serious injuries each year. Health care providers must meet a professional standard of care, and you should be able to safely place your health and your life in their hands.

Justice Symbol for Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim may arise when a negligent, reckless or intentional act results in someone’s death. There are many different situations in which wrongful death occurs, but fatalities occur more often in motor vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, plane crashes, and due to medical malpractice.

Bicycle and car accident because of Drunk driving

Bicycles and scooters are fun to ride but there are there are dangers that can result in serious injuries or even death.  Most avoidable accidents involve a collision with a car, for example as a car is pulling out of a driveway or making a turn at an intersection.

boating accidents can happen in a cruise passenger ship

Injuries which involve cruise ships or boats can be more problematic due to possible delayed or inaccessible medical care, lack of necessary medical equipment or supplies, potential enormous expense of air ambulance and uncovered medical expenses. Time limitations for claims are short, requiring quick legal action if warranted.

nursing home injuries may happen when an elderly lady holding is disattended by the nurse

Nursing homes must meet certain minimum standards that provide for the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident in accordance with a plan of care. We always hope that a facility would strive to exceed minimum standards, but far too often they fall below and our beloved family member suffers needlessly.

Vaping injuries caused by smoking electronic cigarette

According to the American Heart Association, the high levels of nicotine in e-cigarettes can harm the developing brains of teens, kids and fetuses in women who vape while pregnant. They also contain cancer-causing chemicals, and metals such as nickel, tin and lead. The increase in vaping has become a serious public health threat.

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