E-Cigarettes and Vaping Injuries

E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals which can cause serious health problems and other vaping injuries.

Smoking e-cigarettes, or vaping, has become increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco products. Most e-cigarette devices contain high levels of nicotine, which has proven to be highly addictive and produce severe vaping injuries. Adolescents are even more susceptible than adults to addiction due to the stage of their brain development, resulting in massive use of JUUL and other vaping products in middle and high school students.

Vaping is relatively new compared to traditional cigarette smoking. The science on the health effects has only recently begun to reveal vaping injuries and all the illnesses and potential long-term adverse health problems caused by the toxic chemicals contained in JUUL products.

Vaping Injuries

Some of the common conditions and vaping injuries being investigated are as follows:

  • Lung disease and injuries
  • Respiratory failure
  • Seizures
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
Vaping injuries caused by smoking electronic cigarette

Long Term Health Risks from Vaping

Traditional cigarette smoking has long been known to cause life-threatening illnesses and is one of the leading causes of preventable death worldwide. However, the use of E-Cigarette vaping devices is relatively new in comparison, and as a result the long-term health effects from using vaping products are only now starting to become apparent. The findings have been alarming to many people who assume these products were safe, because they do not contain tobacco. However, the harmful substances that they do contain such as nicotine, heavy metals, and cancer-causing chemicals are causing severe health problems in people who use them.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an official Health Advisory in 2019 which provides background information on the forms of e-cigarette products, information on the multistate outbreak of severe pulmonary disease, and clinical features of patients with severe pulmonary disease. For more information on these vaping injuries, read the entire report here.

Juul Illness Claims

JUUL has the largest market share of e-cigarette brands, and has been the subject of numerous lawsuits all around the United States. The manufacturers of these products engaged in an advertising and marketing campaign designed to hook in millions of consumers by falsely portraying vaping products as harmless, and a safe alternative to cigarettes. The most troubling aspect of this marketing scheme is that it targeted teenagers and young adults by adding flavors which are particularly appealing to children, such as gummy bear and cotton candy. These companies sought to get kids addicted at an early age with the goal of making lifelong customers out of them.

It is the intentional “profit over people” business model which drives us to hold these companies responsible for the suffering they cause to those who become addicted and sick and to the families of those who lost their lives as a result of the use of vaping products.

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