Premises Liability

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises in a reasonably safe condition. An experienced premises liability attorney can help you if you have been injured.

Property owners, whether residential or commercial, are responsible for keeping their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Unfortunately, people and businesses often take short cuts or avoid proper repair and maintenance of their property to save money and as a result of their negligence people are injured. If negligence in the ownership, operation, maintenance, and/or control causes you to be injured, the property owner may be responsible for your damages. There may be additional parties, besides the property owner, who may also be liable for your injuries. Let us evaluate your premises liability case and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Every case is different, and negligence is proven in different ways depending on the unique scenario presented. It is critically important to obtain evidence as soon as possible after an incident, before it may be damaged, destroyed, or otherwise tainted or impossible to obtain even a short time afterwards.

Slip And Fall Accidents

Common causes of slip and fall accidents that may result in a premises liability case are:

  • Spilled liquid, food, oil, wax, grease, cleaning products
  • Over-polished floors
  • Lack of ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliance such as required handrails or excessive ramp slope
  • Building code violations
  • Worn floor mat or carpet
  • Accumulation of dirt and mildew
  • Worn steps on staircase
  • Use of improper paint for sidewalk, parking lot and handicap ramp markings
  • Failure to warn of dangerous conditions

Trip And Fall Accidents

Common causes of trip and fall accidents that may result in a premises liability case are:

  • Staircase with loose or broken steps
  • Uneven stairs
  • Broken parking lot stop
  • Uneven or broken sidewalk or walkway
  • Exposed cables or wires
  • Building code violations
  • Debris
  • Poor lighting
  • Loose carpet or floor mat
  • Unmarked step or curb
  • Negligent construction
  • Failure to warn of dangerous conditions

Negligent Security

Crime happens. But if it happens repeatedly and a property or business owner fails to take reasonable safety and security precautions, they may be responsible if you are a victim of a foreseeable crime. Property owners, commercial business owners, property managers, third party security firms, and landlords may be liable. A property or business owner has a legal duty to take measures for the safety and security of its customers or residents, to protect against reasonably foreseeable security risks and crimes. These cases fall under premises liability.

Different forms of evidence must be presented in order to succeed in proving a negligent security case and your lawyer must know what to get and how to get it: witness statements, photographs, staffing records, security logs, surveillance video, crime statistics, reports of prior incidents, maintenance records, and timely expert witness evaluations can all be crucial to proving your case.

Common causes of injury due to negligent security, which may result in a premises liability case:

  • Failure to provide security guards
  • Negligent hiring, training or supervision of security guards
  • Failure of security guards to follow proper security protocol
  • Inadequate staffing of security personnel
  • Unsafe parking lots and garages
  • No or insufficient lighting
  • Poor environmental design
  • Broken locks and windows
  • Malfunctioning gates
  • Lack of or inadequate surveillance video systems
Premises Liability because of uneven pavers

Dog Bites

Under Florida Statute § 767.04, dog owners are held strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs. This means that even if the animal did not have vicious propensities, and/or never previously displayed aggressive behavior, the dog owner is still liable for injuries caused by their pet. Even if the dog is on a leash when a bite or attack occurs, the owner will still be liable. Dog bites often cause severe and permanent scarring and can cause catastrophic injuries particularly to small children. Besides the damages for pain and suffering, you may have medical bills and loss of income as a result of a dog attack. It is not always a “slam dunk” case even though the owner is strictly liable for the injuries caused by its dog. In a residential setting, a homeowner’s premises insurance policy may provide coverage. If the dog attack occurred on a commercial property, there may be alternative sources of insurance coverage.

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